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Robbie King & The Blues Counts featuring Tina Jackson is a band on a mission.

The idea was to get back to traditional Blues. Robbie King wanted a group of musicians and singers that had roots. He also wanted to keep it modern. And ... that was what he got. Now, playing out live is simply a pleasure for all involved, band and audiences alike. Come see a show or book the band for your venue. You won't regret it.

Formed through the summer and fall of 2012, Robbie King and The Blues Counts featuring Tina Jackson is a diverse group of dedicated and highly skilled musicians who all share a love of the Blues. All kinds of Blues. But for the purposes of this particular group, traditional modern Blues is where it's at.

Each member brings his/her own special skillsets that when combined serve to create a single entity that achieves it's goal, namely, laying down some hot, tight, soulful Blues grooves in the traditional modern vein. Somewhere around a century, that's right, a CENTURY of collective experience playing live in front of audiences gives this band the tools that allow them to create a sound and feel that Blues afficianadoes everywhere will appreciate.

Check out each of the band members biographies below.

Read Tina's bio

Tina Jackson, recipient of the Hollywood Chapter NAACP Image Award in Best Performance category, now decisively and deservedly holds down the role of lead singer with Robbie King & The Blues Counts... READ MORE

Read Robbie's bio

With his superb guitar work, blending both the retro and the contemporary, (think Otis Redding plays Robert Cray playing Stevie Ray Vaughan!), Robbie King is considered by many in the music world to be the very essence of the modern classic bluesman... READ MORE

Read Gary's bio

Gary exceeds the allowable limit of characters on his play credits so we've highlighted just a few extra finely tuned artists among Mr. Pocket's peers. Gary has thumped all over his side of the stage with Rosanne Cash & Bruce Gary... READ MORE

Read Stephen's bio

Stephen Foster is a drummer whose musical style and versatility has enabled him to play in combos or large groups. As a supportive sideman, he has worked playing Jazz, R&B, Latin, Blues, Fusion, Smooth or Be-Bop Jazz bandleaders... READ MORE

Read Gip's bio

No one plays the Mississippi Saxophone, with more heart than Native Californian Gip Lentine. His stylish 'punchy' mid-range, passion for good tone, and tasty licks, accompanied by the occasional bright obbligato... READ MORE

Read Johnny's bio

Johnny has toured every state in the continental US, as well as Canada, absorbing the Blues first hand playing up and down the Mississippi delta. Johnny formed the blues band 'De Delta Dawgs', with members of 'Canned Heat'... READ MORE


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