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Gary Cox

Gary exceeds the allowable limit of characters on his play credits so we've highlight just a few extra finely tuned artists among Mr. Pocket's peers. Gary has thumped all over his side of the stage with Rosanne Cash & Bruce Gary, Ron Bushy, Chris Cain, Darrell Mansfield, Ronnie Ciago, Terri Nunn & Berlin, Coco Montoya, Martha Davis & The Motels, Eddie Money, Johnny Winter, Steve Smith, Michael Sims, Ronnie Montrose, and Mark Tanner Band.

Currently, Gary pounds thunder as the bassist for Cold Comfort Band, Teddy Lee Hooker, and his own project, Roadawgs, playing all round southern California, as well as his duties as bassist for Robbie King & The Blues Counts featuring Tina Jackson.

Gary started playing at the age of seven years old. His father was a jazz guitarist sideman who played with many great jazz musicians of the day. Gary was molded from an early age to be a professional musician like his father.

He studied under many great bassists like 'Donald "Duck" Dunn' and 'Norm Niver' to name just a few. Gary started his first band at the age of twelve years old and was declared a child prodigy. For the next sixteen years he honed his playing skills performing in many different bands.

In 1971 Gary moved to the Malibu Mountains where he met 'Randy California' of the band 'Spirit' and was picked by the band to do a tour across the U.S. This opened many doors for Gary in the music industry as well as sharpening him to be a seasoned musician.

He has played and shared the stage with many pro musicians and his accomplishments are many.


  • Rosanna Cash
  • Bruce Gary (The Knack)
  • Black Oak Arkansas
  • Ron Bushy (Iron Butterfly)
  • Dickey Betts (The Allman Brothers)
  • Eddie Money
  • Johnny Winter
  • Martha Davis (The Motels)
  • Teri Nunn (Berlin)
  • Coco Montoya
  • Chris Cain
  • Darrel Mansfield
  • Ronnie Ciago
  • Michael Sims
  • Saxon
  • Steve Smith (Journey)
  • Ronnie Montrose
  • Teddy Lee Hooker
  • Mark Tanner Band


  • 1974 - Spirit - 12 month tour - U.S.
  • 1979 - Saxon - 8 month tour - United Kingdom/ U.S.
  • 1980 - Influence - 6 month tour - Japan/Taiwan


  • Influence - 1980 - "Influence You"
  • Paul Stevenson Band - 1981 - Movie score for "Scavenger Hunt"
  • Train - 1981 - "Locomotive Rock 'N' Roll"
  • Cottonwood Christian Center - 1999 - "Holy Nation"
  • Cottonwood Christian Center - 2001 - "I Won't Forget"
  • Brent Jones and the Tustin Baptist Church - 2002 - "Brent Jones Project"
  • Teddy Lee Hooker - 2006 - "Electric Rain"
  • Trust, The Band - 2009 - "Vertigo"

Gary is head of his own production company, "2nd Chance Productions" where you can reach him at:

(909) 208-3626


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